At Owan we’re not interested in making ordinary products. We handcraft rare objects for clients who appreciate beautiful things to enjoy over time. To the noble spirit, Nature, Space and Silence are the most valuable assets, and an endless source of enjoyment. We wanted to create a proper place for that: a high seat for contemplation, a sort of private retreat where to find refuge from the fast pace of daily life. The Giraffe Chair, with its comfortable seat placed 13 feet above the ground, offers your eye the same point of view of a giraffe. Most of all, once atop, you gain a new point of view and unprecedented ideas will come to mind. It’s a The Giraffe Chair is also a metaphysical sculpture in your garden, one of its kind, and nothing compares to it. It’s skillfully handcrafted with so much dedication and love to retain a quality standard up to its height. 
giraffe chairgiraffe chair
giraffe chairThe Giraffe Chair respectfully blends with the surrondings. It’s majestic, yet gentle, like the animal it was inspired from. No picture gives justice of its imposing presence, as well as the sheer excitement to climb it to the top and sit on its leather cradle. To make it even more special, we offer a few extra features upon request. You can have an adjustable reading lamp, sunshades, a nautical winch to hoist the glacette, hi-end stereo speakers, airstrip safety light, wind vane, blankets, pillows and a safety hammock-net you can place at mid level. Strip light stairs add a magic touch at night, and guarantee you with a safer climb for stargazing. It takes from three to six months to have a Giraffe Chair installed in your property. Our staff will personally take care of its on-site assembly, static tests and safety checks. The structure is not damaging the ground whatsoever and it can be moved and placed elsewhere at any moment.

giraffe chair by night

giraffe chair owan
owan factorythe giraffe chair by owan

owan giraffe chair

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