Teak and Carbon. Two materials that Owan wanted to bring together to create a furnishing system of superior quality that combines lightness and strength. And unprecedented aesthetics. No one had ever tried a similar combination before, perhaps due to the complexity of the dynamic behavior of these materials, considered incompatible and difficult to assemble. It took almost three years of research to solve all the technical problems and find a solution that would harmonize each form in an uninterrupted game between full and empty spaces. The dialectical theme has not been limited to the components but extended to the relationship between high technology and craftsmanship, between technical knowledge and artistic talent.

The Paa project was inspired by the fusion of several disciplines: the indispensable laws of ergonomics, in this case, were integrated and enriched by philosophical and humanistic evaluations. The aim was not to limit the comfort of anyone sitting on a Paa chair to a mechanical or structural matter, but to extend it to a real state of mind, in which the ergonomics of the soul translate into an harmonious proportion between us and the world.

The contentment of the eye could wouldn’t be enough without the pleasure to feel something precious under your fingertips. The eye flows on the forms: air and matter. The full and the empty space play on the dynamic harmony of the curves, in a total absence of straight lines. All surfaces, sanded by hand to become smooth as silk, are also treated with layers of resin to protect the materials from scratches and preserve the golden color of teak wood over time. Paa is part of the Dining & Meeting System designed by Owan to offer the most demanding customers a series of seats and tables of the highest quality, and with a such level of customization to turn each product not only something exclusive but also unique.

Our line was selected by the Dutch interior design studio Wetzels & Brown to furnish the living areas of Better Place, the largest carbon fiber yacht in the world. Awarded multiple times since its release from the Wally shipyard, Better Place was also the first yacht to receive certification from the RINA Green Star for its compliance with the most rigorous environmental and marine standards.

Paa is also a Dining & Meeting system for outdoor as well as indoor environments. The Paa table is available in three sizes to accommodate, respectively, 8, 12 or 16 guests. The table surface can be ordered in carbon fiber, resin, crystal or porcelain stoneware, and can be customized with colors and patterns on requests

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