Otzi comes from otium, an activity that, 2,000 years ago, was meant for intellectual activity and contemplation. The word was the antithesis of negotium, that part of life anyone dedicated to business. Otzi, the lounge chair by Ciro Andrea Scognamillo, immediately suggests a philosophical “non use”. Its comfortable shape invites you to stop thinking about productive activities in favor of speculative ones. Otzi, made out of solid teak, stainless steel and amphibious leather, includes a coffee table and footrest, for a cozy lounge corner in your garden.

Otzi is an ergonomic seat where the amphibious, cuddle-shaped, leather is assembled in a particular fashion, so to adapt its form to your body contour. Relax is meant for what this word original means: the possibility to expand in order to occupy not only the physical space but the mental one as well. Otzi, as such, is a therapeutic lounge which puts you back in contact with nature and your true self. The teak part is shaped to hold your movement while you shift in different positions. The structure is reinforced by special stainless steel plates embedded into the wood frame to guarantee you, throughout the years, the solidity and durability of a design piece which is going to look better as it matures under with time.

Design by Ciro Scognamillo