Franco de’Berardinis gets a degree in Architecture at Politecnico in Turin in 1995. His specialty is focusing on projects, from concept to delivery. He taught virtual reality applied to architectural projects at IED. His passion for architecture, engineering and quality process on product development led him to cover different areas: he worked at P.L. Milan, as production director, head of R&D at Joco Italia and technical adviser for Flexilan. He’s directing several working sites for the 2006 Turin Winter Olymipics for Toroc. Then he moves to Colombo Stile as project manger and, from 2007 to 2015, is technical director at Roda, one of the leading industries in premium outdoor furniture, bringing a digital revolution inside the Company. As project leader and responsible for product development, he follows every step of production, creating personal contacts with suppliers and contractors in Asia. He quits to start his own firm along with Carlo Muttoni, partner and co-founder. Franco is Owan’s technical director and Ceo.
Carlo Muttoni, after his studies in Classic High School and three years in graphic design in Milan, moves to Los Angeles. He attends marketing and communication at UCLA and works for Ketchum, Peter Green and Universal Studios in Hollywood. He is founder and publisher of a magazine on American trends in technology and innovation and free lance journalist for several publications.Back to Italy, he works for Lowe, Red Cell and Grey, as art director and strategic planner. He quits advertising and embarks for a 4 year journey around the world on a motorbike. He is also founder of Brandpowder, a firm specialized in experiments in visual communication. In 2015, with Franco de’ Berardinis, is the founder of Owan. Together, they inaugurate the “out there” philosophy which inspires the entire production in Owan. Carlo is the Company’s communication and marketing director